Saying goodbye to our friend, Herman Hoops.
By: Cody M. Perry

Herm Hoops. Dedicated river runner, historian, advocate, and general pain in the ass passed away at his home in Jensen, Utah on Monday afternoon, November 23rd. I like to think that as he pushed off this last time, the Green River inexplicably swelled to flood stage. A final gesture to an old friend. Let the following be a humble tribute in grief and love, waving farewell to this unforgettable character in the toucan hat.

Herm grew up as a ruff-and-tumble farm kid in tristate New York. The Hoops family…

Rafting the White River, Colorado/Utah Stateline May 2020.

These are trying and strange times for people in Colorado and around the world. Public and individual reactions to this crisis will reveal how our local and global societies will rebuild. We the people often use the word “public” repeatedly and in many different contexts: we have public hearings to shape policy about issues like public transportation, public education, public health and safety. But trends of falling voter turnout, waning confidence in our ability to govern, and increasingly polarizing political landscapes should tell us that the realm of public dimension in our lives is losing some vitality, despite the growing…

Frontier stories from a raft.
By Cody M. Perry

Scouting for campsites on the Little Snake, we spotted some shade near the edge of the river and stopped to take it in. After some silence we finally said, “one day we’ll bring our families here.”

The Headwaters

Sand Wash Utah.
It’s still high use season on the Green River at the put-in for Desolation Canyon. This morning, boats begin to stack up on the ramp any place they can get. The river is lower than I’ve ever seen. It’s hot and pooled. To my relief there are no bugs at Sand Wash this day in August to feast on the blood of boaters. June and July must have been good eating for the swarms. We arrivied late the night before and quietly quartered in the Major’s Cabin under nearly a full moon. As always when in Sand…

A single photo from an old Belknap guidebook is responsible for securing my determination of rafting through the Uinta Basin. To be sure, most river runners look elsewhere on the Green River to spend their days floating. There’s no whitewater on this section, no slot canyon side-hikes, no escape from the hot sun or roaming wind. In fact, the Uinta can be characterized in many ways by what it lacks. There’s no permit required, no established river campsites and virtually no competition for space along the corridors of cottonwoods. If anything is in abundance down this forsaken stretch of the…

Pilot Greg Paulin and Cody Perry flying by camera over Southwest Colorado. Photos: J Poma

Reflecting on a year of filming the Dolores River.

The pilot was showing us hand signals flying over the twisting canyons of the Dolores River in Southwest Colorado. We had him banking left and right over a maze of meanders to film and photograph for an upcoming documentary being produced for the Dolores River Boating Advocates. Flying provides an astonishing and altogether different view of the land. Rig To Flip partnered with Lighthawk to coordinate this unique filming opportunity over the district- over the river. For the Dolores is spread far and wide in this portion of Colorado. …

Access in the West? A view at past and presnt in Sego Canyon Utah

For many in Colorado mountain towns, March motivates plans for the coming spring. After working 2 or 3 jobs all winter nothing sounds more liberating than loading up our cars and trucks and heading out to our favorite spots on public land. It’s why we love Colorado and so many of our Western states. All can access open spaces at any time, visit the funky restaurants on the way and share photos of our journeys showing that we are truly living the dream.

Most of the West’s population lives in cities, but that doesn’t define who we are. It’s the…

Cody Perry — November 14th, 2014

The evening of June 9th, 1965 a torrential downpour parked itself over Dinosaur National Monument. Several river trips were on the Yampa at that time, camped or forced to endure the storm upriver from an area called Warm Springs. Noted mostly at that time for a spring of good water, or a riffle of little significance. There was an unfortunate trip of river runners that were camped at Warm Springs that evening. In attempt to escape the storm, they miserably milled under trees or hid in the old porta-potty type bathrooms that were at…

Ben Saheb— Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Every year, Colorado gets an influx of peaches grown from Palisade. These peaches are not only the most delicious peaches on the planet, they are also some of the most messy to eat. If you don’t want to have a beach towel as a napkin next time you eat a Colorado peach, Follow Routt County Roots and learn about the best way to eat a peach. Colorado Style!

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Cody Perry— Tuesday, July 01, 2014

You might have seen me walking on the side of the road here and there through town. Winter has expressed herself enough this year that the streets are flanked with towering mounds snow like micro mountain ranges. Walking as a method of transport this season is admittedly messy. Every car or truck rolls by with a different chorus of agony. All puddles should be avoided. Imported volcanic rock, crushed to a glassy powder, stains these corridors like slurried coal. Between the driveways and along the streets I try and judge the snow water content…

Dispatches from the Range

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